Your performance and success are in the hands of the crew.

Our dedicated colleagues on board will help you reach your goals!


Harren Ship Management and Harren Crewing connect you with the right team of experts on board.

Our crews are the cornerstone for your success!

They serve on your vessel with high motivation and dedication.

It all starts with the selection of the right person for the right job ...

... and is brought to life by sustainable relationships beyond rank and passport

Our crew, your benefit!

We offer the crew management services that make the difference.

Serving all ranks

From cadet to master, we provide the right personnel for your crew complement requirements - any flag and any vessel type.

Dedicated crew pool

Whether your are looking for the optimal crew for your tanker, bulker, heavy lifter or container vessel, we cater to your needs with a dedicated crew pool that safe guards the knowledge and experience.

Global crew setup

Our offices around the world give you exclusive access to diverse crew setups, nationalities and areas of operation and expertise, so your vessels always sail with the right sailors.

Tailormade solutions that meet your challenges

Selection & Screening
Individual Career Development
Crew Administration
Crew Changes
Payroll Services
Visa & Travel Services
97 Vessel Availability (%)
91 Crew Retention Rate (%)
2009 Employed Crew
47 Nationalities 
65 Managed Vessels 

You are looking for the right setup to manage your vessels?​

Get in touch with us and contact our team to learn more about our crewing services.​




Director Crewing

Capt. Caspar Graf von Spee

Harren Crewing
Deputy Director Crewing

Capt. Matthias Pfeiffer

Harren Crewing