Leadership in Safety:

At Harren Group we believe that safety begins with leadership. We are proud to have a dedicated team of leaders who are committed to fostering a culture of safety throughout our organisation. Our leadership team is not only responsible for setting the vision and direction but also for being role models for safety-conscious behaviour. Through our “Act Safely!” initiatives programme, our leaders will actively engage with employee’s direction, create engagement, providing guidance, & support, and ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of our operations.

Ownership of Safety:

Safety is everyone's responsibility. Our “Act Safely!” Safety Culture Programme empowers every member of the Harren Group family to take ownership of safety. At land or at sea, we believe that by promoting a culture of ownership, we can collectively identify and mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and continuously improve our safety practices. Every employee plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of colleagues, vessels, workplaces, and the environment.

Commitment to Excellence:

Our commitment to safety excellence is unwavering. We understand that it requires continuous effort, education, and a shared dedication to upholding the highest standards. Through this programme, we will invest in comprehensive safety training, conduct regular safety audits, and encourage open communication channels for reporting and addressing safety concerns. We are committed to learning from every experience and using those lessons to strengthen our safety culture.

The "Act Safely!" programme is more than a set of rules; it is a fundamental aspect of Harren Group's organisational culture. It safeguards its people, supports operational excellence, enhances its reputation, and drives ongoing improvement. This safety programme aligns with the same fundamental principles of the Harren Group Values.

As Harren Group embarks on this journey, it invites all its stakeholders to actively participate, embrace the principles of leadership, ownership, and collaboration in safety, and help create an even safer and more secure environment for all that ensures efficient and successful operations.

In essence, Act Safely is not just a programme; it's a way of life.