Harren & Partner is born

After spending 12 years at sea, Captain and Business Graduate, Peter Harren, sets up his own shipping company with the acquisition of his first coastal cargo liner, “ORION III”.


The first two newbuilt multipurpose carriers are put into service.

After the successful operation of the first vessel 'ORION III', the two 3,600 TDW vessels “PADUA” and 'PANDORA' can be commissioned. 


The first container feeder vessel, “PARANGA”, is built for the fleet.

Company founder Peter Harren recognizes a market demand for container feeder vessels and orders 'PARANGA' which is put into service in 1994.


Another first: Captain Peter Harren orders a heavy lift carrier.

The first heavy lift vessel 'PALAMOS' is ordered. With its special feature, a RoRo stern ramp, the new vessel is very flexible to use.  


The first apprenticeship programme is launched.

Excellent people and a solid education is crucial for a successful business operation and so Peter Harren initiates the first apprenticeship with two apprentices. 


Advancing the fleet diversification with two bulk carriers.

The now 20-ship fleet reaches new heights after acquiring the largest vessels to date: two Panamax bulk carriers, “PAIUTE” and “PEORIA” with approx. 70,000 TDW.


Relocation to an own office building.

Not only the fleet is growing, as is the number of employees. Peter Harren invests into the building of an own office building.


First joint venture K/S Combi Lift is established. 

Following a long-term collaboration with the Danish shipping company J. Poulsen Shipping, a joint venture, K/S Combi Lift, is founded to cover the heavy lift and project market. 


Brigitta Harren enters the family business.

Brigitta, solicitor, joins her father’s business by taking over the Legal Personnel Department for onshore employees.


Adding another ship segment to the fleet: tankers.

Continuing its development strategy, Harren & Partner enters the tanker market with the acquisition of two product tankers, “Sichem Padua” and “Sichem Pandora”. A further eight state-of-the-art product tankers are then ordered from a shipyard in Shanghai. 


Purchasing company trans-Mar-supply is established and becomes part of the group.

Together with another ship owner, trans-Mar-supply is founded to take advantage of the synergies of a large fleet. The joint venture now organises all strategic and operative purchasing actives for around 100 vessels, significantly reducing operating costs. 


Dr. Martin Harren enters Harren & Partner.

Joining his father and sister in their family business, 
Dr. Martin Harren begins leading the Ship Financing and Business Accounting for the individual single purpose shipping companies. 


The successful business leads to an office building extension. 

The rapid company growth requires an office building extension which increases the overall capacity to approximately 4,750 m². 


The foundation of H&P Logistics & Engineering adds services.

For the ever-growing demand for customised transport solutions for complex heavy lift and project cargo, H&P Logistics & Engineering is established, adding maritime logistics to Harren & Partner's service portfolio.


The first dock ship 'COMBI DOCK I' is added to the fleet.

The group’s first dock ship is delivered from German shipyard Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven. The new ship type combines the functions of a dock ship with those of a RoRo and heavy lift vessel and is a novelty in the shipping industry.


Imke Harren joins the family business.

Business graduate Imke Harren joins her siblings as Peter Harren's assistant, taking over the internal corporate communications. 


Celebrating 20 years of Harren & Partner Group and its 50th vessel.

In the year of its 20th anniversary, Harren & Partner has around 1,800 employees aboard and 145 colleagues ashore and expands the fleet to 50 vessels through the delivery of product tanker 'PATANI' from Jiangnan shipyard in Shanghai. 


H&P shipping group employs two ice class bulker new buildings.

H&Ps is pursuing its strategy of a diversified fleet by building the two largest units so far: "PABAL" and "PABUR", two Panamax-class bulk carriers capable of carrying 76,000 tons. Ice class E1 enables the vessels to travel through ice-exposed regions. The modern design combined with an unusual draught opens up further employment opportunities. 


Crew liaison office opens in Istanbul, Turkey.

In order to get closer to the company's crew and potential candidates, Harren & Partner founds a crew liaison office in Turkey.


Harren & Partner takes five tankers under third-party management.

H&P made an important move to enlarge its tanker fleet by taking over five units within a remarkably short time. Two Panamax tankers of 73,400 TDW each, built in 2006 and 2007, as well as three small handysize tankers of 20,000 TDW further enhance Harren & Partner’s reputation as responsible and cost-efficient ship managers.


Combi Lift HQ moves to Bremen, Germany to be closer to the Harren & Partner Group.

Combi Lift's team relocates to the headquarters of Harren & Partner in Bremen. This step facilitates the cooperation with vessel operations even further.


Harren & Partner equips its fleet with new business intelligence software.

On board the 52 vessels of the Harren & Partner fleet, the new GL Ship Manager software systems, 'ShipManager Analyzer' and 'ShipManager QHSE', are implemented.


Improving crewing activities with a partnership in Manila.

Another important step to be closer to our seafaring colleagues and to improve our recruiting activities is taken with the cooperation of our long-term crewing agency 'Döhle Seafront Crewing (Manila) Inc.' In Manila. Instead of opening an entirely new office, we benefit from our partner's established office setup, a valuable network, as well as our its extensive experience in the Philippine crew market.


Harren & Partner opens ship management office in Mexico.

We set up a new ship management office in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico to render fast and efficient ship management services to our vessels and customers in the offshore sector. It serves as a local representative and supportive operational institution to the H&P managed offshore units in the Gulf of Mexico.


Further fleet diversification with adding first jack-up vessel. 

Becoming technical manager of Wind Lift I is a big step forward for the group’s offshore department, now being responsible for managing this impressive jack-up vessel.


The group acquires German carrier, SAL Heavy Lift.

SAL becomes the group’s new dominant player in the heavy lift division with a 900 t – 2000 t crane capacity, and a fleet of 15 vessels. 


SAL welcomes a new sister company: SAL Engineering is founded.

The new entity is an independent engineering house within the Harren & Partner Group, utilizing know-how and practical experience that had been obtained over 35 years in heavy lift and project shipping.


SAL acquires major stake in Intermarine and expands into the Americas.

SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine (two of the most recognised names in the world of heavy-lift shipping) come together to create one of the most comprehensive maritime breakbulk/heavy-lift solutions across the Atlantic.


BBG and Harren & Partner Group join forces to bring Harren Bulkers to life.

Bremer Bereederungsgellschaft (BBG) and the group combine their expertise to welcome a new brand with a dedicated fleet of 23 bulk carriers.


Jumbo Shipping and SAL Heavy Lift launch Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.

Presenting a powerhouse in the heavy-lift sector. This joint venture creates a new commercial heavyweight in project and breakbulk shipping, with a fleet of 30 highly versatile project cargo vessels.


The group's new offshore entity 'Atheleon' is launched.

Atheleon is the new go-to market brand for dedicated offshore assignments, especially in the renewables sector.


Harren Group – The bridge to what’s next.

As a platform of collaboration and connection, Harren & Partner is renamed to Harren Group. With this step the group unites the best minds in maritime and project logistics to solve the toughest client challenges on land and at sea.