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Harren Ship Management | | 1 min read

Harren Group expands its service portfolio and launches Harren Ship Management

Re-think ship management: Inspired by customer feedback on ship management services available in the market, German maritime services and logistics provider Harren Group revisited its vast expertise in managing their own fleet as well as third-party vessels for over three decades.

Intermarine | | 2 min read

Intermarine and Jumbo-SAL-Alliance expand business and set up new hub in Chile

Multipurpose carrier Intermarine and sister company Jumbo-SAL-Alliance (JSA) expand their presence in South America, opening a new office in Santiago. JSA–Intermarine Chile is led by General Manager Nelson Matus.

Harren Group | | 1 min read

Harren & Partner rebrands to Harren Group

Today, privately owned maritime services and logistics conglomerate Harren & Partner announced that they have changed their name to Harren Group.

Group News

Intermarine | | 2 min read

Intermarine joins forces with WeShip Projects and launches Intermarine Asia

Intermarine | | 2 min read

A new great journey in heavy-lift shipping unfolds as the Harren Group completes the full takeover of Intermarine

Harren Group | | 1 min read

Harren Group goes Africa

Atheleon | | 2 min read

The new one-stop shop for the offshore wind industry: SAL Renewables becomes Atheleon