Tailored for the future of offshore wind

The DC-TOKYO is set to play a crucial role in the expanding Japanese offshore wind market, designed specifically to transport offshore wind turbine foundations. With an impressive length of approximately 150 meters, a breadth of 30 meters, a depth to the loading deck of about 8.72 meters, and a deadweight of around 13,000 DWT, the DC-TOKYO is engineered for efficiency and performance. Its design speed of about 13 knots ensures timely delivery across the seas.

Advanced technological integration

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, DC-TOKYO features a diesel-electric propulsion system that complies with the latest IMO Tier III environmental regulations. The vessel includes twin-azimuth thrusters and a redundant battery system for optimal peak load management. The dynamic positioning system of class DPS2 and a vast 3900 sqm flush deck are among its key features, enhancing its operational capabilities in challenging maritime conditions.

Commitment to safety and comfort

Safety and efficiency are at the forefront of the DC-TOKYO design. The deck is capable of handling a uniform load of 20t/sqm, and special considerations such as a ramp holder at the aft make loading safer and more straightforward. The vessel’s living quarters are thoughtfully designed to accommodate 21 crew members, ensuring a high standard of comfort and safety.

Moving forward

With the DC-TOKYO project advancing from the concept phase to basic design, HeavyLift@Sea is fully committed to working closely with MOL and Taizhou Sanfu Shipyard to bring this visionary project to fruition. “We are proud to lead the way in maritime innovation, helping to shape a sustainable future for the shipping industry,” said Konstantin Steinhübel, Project Manager of Project DC-TOKYO at HeavyLift@Sea. “DC-TOKYO is more than a vessel; it's a testament to our capabilities and our dedication to our clients.”

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone as we continue to push the boundaries of engineering excellence and maritime logistics.